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After the Second World War (WWII) a large part of Europe The Allies (Britain and the U.S.)left to the predation of first Hitler’s ally – the Soviet Union. The communist regime, construction and decoration technologies developed poorly, as most effort was devoted to military technology, such as the order of things was established of the Soviet ideology and free market shortage (Absence of free market) and also the Cold War.
The late eighties and early nineties the Soviet Union successfully stranding and practically all buildings were left in poor or bad condition. The urgent need set new technologies in construction and decoration and Europe’s leading companies actively involved in the fast-growing market, and offered a new renovation technologies and products.
With local construction professionals help out, crystallized a new philosophy of renovation – fast, effective and in high quality. This order of things was quickly becoming the market and have attained to a special name – Eirorenovation.