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Guildes (Gilde germ.) Developed in medieval Europe as privity of professional interests, in the Middle Ages because the development of the craft industry made it necessary to set on the position of the relevant standards. Guild was partitioned into smaller guilds, which defended the interests of the individual posts.
Nowadays, more and more mixing of nations and cultures is important to keep in line with European work culture and quality standards. Any technology blindly transferred from one climatic region to another are not so only wrong but sometimes causes more harm as good. For example, can be useful Asian tiling, paint and other construction-related trades master unwillingness to respect the UK climate. Construction technology that works well for Asian hot and dry climate ,in the British wet and colder climatic circumstances can seriously destroy your property.
Consequence of global warming climatic conditions change global and in the UK, and the summers gets hotter and winters harsher. In such circumstances, long ago working Scandinavian northern and central European builders.
Europe’s leading building material production companies are also developing a serious technologies of construction and finishing works.  Direct of such technologies in line with the steeped in tradition offering tilinggilde. Needless to say, modern and proven technology to provide a sustained effect of increase your estate market value.