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Our targets

This web site represented tiling service is established to offer the quality European tiling at a reasonable price. The participants of project have considerable experience with tiling in different European countries and manage the high quality of working. Aim of the site is to expose any persons involved in under control of common standards that ensure high-quality results as well as the construction and finishing standards adaptation according to the British traditions.
Anyone who builds or renewing a house or apartment is our potential customer. Our management system ensures high-quality results for any size job, no job is considered too small or insignificant. We guarantee a responsible attitude towards of any – a potential or existing customers. According to possibilities we provide consultations free of charge about the specific situations and the most suitable techniques and solutions, including surface preparation or first processing if required.
Our basic postulates is:
1. High responsibility on what to do and done;
2. European quality and work culture;
3. Dignity to British culture and traditions.